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Commercial Cleaning

A clean working environment leads to increased productivity! Give yourself and your team a workplace where you can thrive and an environment free of dust, germs and littler. Some of our services include:


*Controlling floor appearance by sweeping and vacuuming, hand-scrubbing and mopping hard surfaces floors.

*Washing walls and doors

*Dusting and sanitizing desk surfaces, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, furniture

*Decluttering work areas.
*Disinfecting all telephones and wiping clean fingerprints around light switches.

*Emptying and washing all garbage pails

*Removing smudges around doorknobs, glass partitions, and counters

*Sanitizing and polishing all water fountains.

*Cleaning the refrigerator and common areas. 

Request a Consultation

Commercial spaces require a free consultation. We will assess the area and provide you with a detailed quote.

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